INCREDIBLE designs come from INCREDIBLE people. Tint Tone and Shade is a power-packed team of the best architects and interior designers in Chennai who work rigorously towards a common goal–making your dream come true. Beyond profession, our team members are truly interesting people. We have everyone from the introverted intellectuals to the omnipotent orators in here, who make every project, a fun experiment!

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best home interior designers in chennai | Tint Tone Shade

Our Story

Tint Tone and Shade is a team of humble geniuses from the architecture and interior design fraternity who don’t TALK about their exceptional calibre in the field. They SHOW it instead. Right from its inception in 2016, Tint Tone and Shade have established this ideology, by creating enticing designs that are visibly, a work of unshaken expertise. Ever since, the team has been redefining interior design in Chennai with the most desirable blend of witty creativity, easy-peasy execution and a smarter art of space-making that is unseen to date. If you are looking for interior design services in Chennai, BEWARE. We are about to win your heart with our designs!

best home interior designers in chennai | Tint Tone Shade


From the best interior designers in Chennai to your homes.

Tint Tone and Shade are on a mission to transform the dream of every homeowner and everyone else who wants their space to be a work of art. We strive to create 3-dimensional masterpieces with every project, crafting every nook and corner of the space with nothing but deep dedication.

best home interior designers in chennai | Tint Tone Shade


From the best interior designers in Chennai to your dreams.

Tint Tone and Shade have a vision that is directed towards taking you closer to the futuristic way of living with unique designs coupled with smart, technologically-advanced techniques. Our far-reaching ideas yearn for a revolutionary statement through every space we make.

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Interior design comes out as a perfect fusion of function and aesthetics that can come from none other than the best interior designers and architects. Tint Tone and Shade is a diverse team of experts who do just that, with an innovative edge and technical mastery that goes behind some of the most challenging interior services in Chennai. Beyond their talent, our team is known to have some of the most sensible people who are ready to spend time with you for understanding everything you need. Our designs are unique, and so are our interior designers!

Our Team