5 Must-Have Interior Additions For Child-Friendly Spaces

5 Must-Have Interior Additions For Child-Friendly Spaces:

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As we delve into the modern side of interior design, we are increasingly moving towards the inclusion of child-friendly spaces in the homes. The busy lifestyle and independency of today’s urban life calls for such spaces to put the parents and other caretakers at ease. Interior designers are taking child-friendly spaces beyond the colorful and playful home decor, to the holistic interior design that is safe and progressive for growing children. Eager to know how they do it? Take a look at the 5 must-have interior additions for child-friendly spaces—as recommended by the interior experts:

Child-Safe Furniture with the Right Ergonomics:

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While talking about home design for children, it is natural to think about all the things that can go wrong or be dangerous to them. The first in this list would be the furniture. This is why you should always choose child-safe furniture with rounded edges and lightweight body that wouldn’t hurt them. It is also advisable to include more of soft furnishings like floor pillows, upholstered seats etc. in the space.

Flexible Furniture Layout & Interior Design for Kids:

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If safe furniture is a direct solution, flexible ones are an indirect solution in the interior design for kids. Convertible furniture such as foldable chairs, collapsible tables, re-arrangeable sectional sofas etc. make the space adapt to the activities across the clock, without taking up much space. At the plan level, you can avoid small level differences like platforms etc. between rooms and give a large seamless space for the kids to move about.

Skid-Proof Home Design for Kids Safety:

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A home interior design for kids is not complete without a floormat. Unlike the fancy rugs, these child-friendly options will require skid proof materials like textured foam etc. that is also non-toxic and free from BPA, latex etc. You can also go for a full-fledged carpet flooring in common spaces like family rooms, to allow kids to move freely and explore their activities.

Durable Home Decor with Easy Maintenance:

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The design of child-friendly spaces catch the eye with their playful home decor. What is lesser known is the fact that they need to be durable home decor too, to accommodate the ever-active kids. You can make the wall decor durable with dry erase paints that function as whiteboards for kids. You can also take it to the details with shatter-proof mirrors, fabric-based accents and storage bags etc. that are proven to stand wear and tear in child-friendly spaces.

Child-Friendly Home Design with Built-Ins:

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Having built-in furniture as a part of home design for children is the go-to option for small homes. It not only maximizes the free space in a room but also tucks furniture to the wall, making them perfectly safe for a home with toddler activity. Make sure that you choose these furniture in finishes like laminates etc. that are easy to clean and maintain in child-friendly spaces. Looking for child-friendly solutions to a specific project? Get into a discussion with our team. Contact us now.