TV Consoles You’ll Want for Your Home

Posted On August 31, 2020

Having spent over 6 months in lockdown, we finally realise how our Netflix & Amazon Prime subscriptions, Reality shows, Classic movies and Music channels can save us from bizarre moments in life. But it’s never enough. We all crave for more from our TV. We all want our TV consoles to have better features and give us the seamless entertainment experience we desire. This is where designers can help you out!

Entertainment units, just like any other kind of furniture, come in a variety of styles. As a bonus, they have an array of features and organization patterns to choose from! Although each one of us has our own individual preference over décor styles, sleek contemporary designs are ruling the roost at the moment. These trending modern TV unit designs are characterised by clean
lines, uncluttered structure and a flawless look that is an element of beauty in every contemporary house.

Oh, wait! You just got lucky!

We’ve made a list for you. These ideas can ignite your imagination right away! Check out the FIRST series of TV consoles for your home:

Modern TV Unit Design : Look 001

White Cabinets x Wooden Laminate

Glam and sleek, alluring and uncompromising—this TV unit has all the elements of a showstopper. Don’t you agree? The backlit panel gives a design-worthy backdrop that makes this minimal entertainment unit stand out with its design-richness.

Modern TV Unit Design : Look 002

TV Console x Room Partition

A combination furniture piece is a great addition to your home, isn’t it? This TV unit does a dual role—it’s an exclusive TV unit at one time and a room partition at the other. These TV units are often seen separating the living and dining areas.

Modern TV Unit Design : Look 003

Contemporary Look x Acoustics

When it’s a TV unit, the acoustics and the aesthetics yearn for a balance. This TV unit with crisp and clean lines is a contemporary furniture piece that bridges both. They have dedicated zones for the placement of speakers that aid the uniform distribution of sound.

Modern TV Unit Design : Look 004

Monochrome x Geometric Patterns

Monochromes are forever, don’t you think? A solid back panel and a compact base unit in this sleek-n-utilitarian TV unit is just enough to shoot up the style quotient. A geometric pattern in zig-zag or straight angles, can add along the tiles of the side panel, to catch some attention.

Modern TV Unit Design : Look 005

Whites x Textures

Who doesn’t love white? An overdose of white furnishings can never be a mistake. They are—pure & pretty, light & luxurious. Still, some TV units in whites may tend to look a little like a plain vanilla. So try adding some texture, preferably in wooden undertones to keep the style factor alive.

Looking for more inspirations? We have a PART II coming very soon!

Stay tuned for more at Tint Tone & Shade Magazine section.

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