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Posted On June 29, 2020

Hunting for the trends in studio apartment decorating ideas is quite a challenge in the contemporary world. It will be a struggle to take smart design decisions that make every square foot of your small space count. But, worry not! Our apartment design ideas and solutions have been born from the need to maximize space, to shed light on how you can utilise every nook and corner of your home like a pro!

Just remember: When great ideas come in, “Less is more” – Mies van der Rohe

Explore with us as we uncover the pro tips from Tint Tone and Shade team on how to design your tiny apartment and make it look just right.

  1. Work on The Storage of Your Apartment


First impression is probably the only impression, which is why entry of your apartment is of utmost importance. To avoid the precious surfaces from being the “catch-all” for keys, mail, shoes and slippers, bring in some entryway decor. Here’s more:

  • Hooks are great organisers that will help you keep all essential things in one place.
  • The choice of a narrow cabinet or a long floating shelf can visually conceal the small items and make your space look appealing.


If functionality is the goal, kitchen storage is the decider. Sliding units are ideal for small kitchens of the small apartments. On the other hand, vertical pull-out drawers can organize and store anything from jarred goods to cutting boards. Here’s more:

  • Hang cooking utensils with hooks above your stove or on a magnetic knife holder for easy access.
  • Install a simple rod across the window to hang pots and pans and make the most of the unused space.
  • Take advantage of surfaces. Top of the cabinets and refrigerator are perfect for baskets to store extra pantry items. The bottom of the cabinets can be designed with hooks to hang mugs or magnetic strips to make a floating spice rack.


Bedroom closets can be a luxury when it comes to apartments. Create a compact wardrobe with items like a freestanding clothes rack or hanging rods and shelves to make the space interesting. If suitable, add a mirror to the wardrobe, to bring in a very practical design strategy for your apartment. Here’s more:

  • To optimize built-in space, consider having cabinets on both sides of the doorway or above the door.
  • For hanging accessories, a pegboard with hooks will be just perfect. Organise accordingly and your chic storage will be all set!

2. Fix a Smart Tiny Apartments’ Layout

A smart floor plan with a mindful layout of furniture and other design elements is the map for an uber living in a small apartment. Think ahead of the conventional furniture pieces and consider clever ways to use the space. One way to do this is with a reverse design. Choose your layout pattern first.

Shelf boxs cabinet tv wooden japanese design on room minimal interior.3D rendering

Loft style layouts are the best for demarcating areas in effective ways that can double up the use of the space. Here’s why:

  • A bedroom raised on a higher level allows for drawer storage options under the stairs, along with a space for almost another “room” below it.
  • Popular options are home offices, living room parts or kitchen areas that could fit beneath the loft bedroom.

Using furniture pieces to mark spatial boundaries is another way to effectively use the layouts. Here’s how:

  • A folding screen can divide a bedroom from the living room whilst offering a surface to hang artworks or plants.
  • A narrow console table sitting between a sofa and kitchen is both a divider and useful surface for keeping a table lamp or serving as chopping area while cooking.

Looking for more ideas that best suit your space? Talk to our designers today to save time on your home’s interior design!

  1. Make Compact Furniture Your New Favourite

    Apartment living depends majorly on the clever use of furniture. Handpicking the pieces with dual functionality is one way to solve the spatial issues. Opt for a convertible dining table that transforms into a coffee table in your living/dining space. You can also put a low cabinet on the casters to make way for easy movement of what can be a TV console or a desk surface. These two-in-one solutions make apartment living easier.

Install an easy bracket system to hold books and decor. Corner shelving in particular, makes use of otherwise empty space. A floating wall shelf is your pretty friend in tiny living room spaces. Remember to keep the aesthetics in your mind while selecting furniture for your apartment – keep them in your style!

Here are some tips:

  • Use mirrors or mirrored décor pieces. Reflective surfaces make a space feel larger and help light bounce about the entirety of space.
  • Choose slim refrigerators and streamlined sofas that do not weigh down spaces with their presence. Their modern flair is ideal for your compact home.
  • Consider minimalist materials like pre-furnished oak doors or sleek quartz countertops to put on a neat and serene look.

4. Invite harmony with Curtains

One of the simplest tiny apartment design ideas is the use of curtains. They are totally inexpensive and desirably non-permanent options to highlight the spaces in your apartment.

Large modern couch in the room near a big window, light and turquoise tones

With several storage solutions at play, things like open shelving units, racks, and other hanging systems can become a visual overload. Amidst being ideal for organization, they can translate to clutter when crowded. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use curtains in such areas to get some additional storage space. Remember, they can also conceal the hodge-podge of elements with a uniform surface.
  • Try going beyond fabric material to make it interesting. Folding screens, hanging wooden beads, or even window panes can act as space dividers in an apartment along with enhancing the style quotient in the place.

5. Choose your Apartment Beds carefully

When you live in an apartment, making a thoughtful selection of essential furniture is a must-have practice. One-third of our life is spent in sleeping, which is why bed choices are probably the most important part in the furniture selection. There are several space-savvy and comfortable options that are suitable for small spaces. Here are a few:


To maintain the look of a bedroom, having a bed with a headboard or a base with storage is quite helpful. Tint Tone and Shade has a collection of designs that offer built-in drawers within the frame or a platform style that incorporates nightstand options. Bookcase-style headboards in particular, come with the dual furniture function with space for books, smartphones, a cozy night lamp or any other helpful bedside items of your choice.


One of the most popular tiny studio apartment idea is to find a double-duty solution that acts as both a sofa and a bed. There are many sofa beds or sleeper sofas that range in ease and style. From traditional pull-out beds with built-in mattress surface, to modern folding-frame styles, there is more room for limiting bulky furniture. Having one furniture piece that serves both
sleeping and seating functions keeps the space off the clutter and maintains a classy look throughout.

White bedroom with wooden floor and slide door with curtain. 3d render


Daybeds have a unique type of versatility as well. Dressed as sofas by the day with accent pillows and throws, they become completely comfy beds by the nightfall. Additionally, with a choice of metal, wood or upholstered frames, daybeds can significantly enhance the interior style.

6. Browse Through The Color Palette for Tiny New York Style Apartments

It is common design practice to approach small spaces with light or white-tinted colors. These choices give the illusion of expanse through the reflective properties. But it is equally important to think twice before choosing stark white, since it can make a space feel unwelcoming. Here’s what you can do:

Nice living room with couch, carpet, green plant on a bookcase and a copy space.
  • Go for white tones that pick up a touch of grey, cream, green or pink since they add warmth and richness to the space.
  • Try a style with white walls and wooden floors which could amplify light and offer an uplifting, spacious feel.

    Does that mean you stay away from dark or bold colors all together? Not necessarily.

It is possible that a dark accent wall can make a room look big. Here’s a little math:

  • Select the right tone and never use dark colors on all the walls. For small spaces, the majority of the space (60%) should be in a light colour.
  • If you are a colour lover, remember that the bold splashes can never go wrong. Pick the colors that have a personal appeal. If emerald green or deep blue inspires you, play around with the hues through accents, furniture or even the walls.

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