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//Top 5 Innovative Ideas for Wall Decoration in 2021

Top 5 Innovative Ideas for Wall Decoration in 2021

Top 5 Innovative Ideas for Wall Decoration in 2021

Wall decoration is very personal to every space. It hits the first impression of the user and creates an aesthetic value that has the power to enhance the look and feel of the space.

Browsing for innovative ideas for wall decoration can be interesting but is often more on the imaginative side than the practical side. This is why we have made a quick list of wall decoration ideas for home that befit the Indian setup.

Here are the top picks and ideas for wall decoration in the desi homes:


1. Wallpapers


If you are wondering how to decorate wall in living rooms, this idea will work the best! Wallpapers are the most economic yet fascinating way to add glam to the common areas in your home. The ranges available in textures and finishes of the wallpaper make it one of the most versatile and practical wall decoration ideas for home décor.

Interior Tip: Go for textured wallpapers. Avoid natural sceneries and go for patterned designs instead.


2.Wall Stickers


If you are looking at the cost-effective alternatives ideas for wall decoration, this idea will work the best for you! Wall design stickers are the cheapest and most easily available option for decorations. They don’t need an expert assistance for laying on the wall. Most wall decoration stickers are easily available online, with adhesive surfaces and clean & fitted look.

Interior Tip: Be bold and go for the creative wall stickers. You can also play with typography to personalize your space.


3. Diy Creations


If you have a soft spot for homemade wall decoration ideas, this idea is the right one for you! DIY wall decoration with paper is perfect for chic homes in the cities. Hangings done with quilling paper add an interesting look to plain walls or empty corners in the house.

Origami art on the other hand, adds a modern touch with its geometricity and uber appeal. You can also make clay or terracotta wall displays to add an Indian touch or go with macrame décor for a soft boho look.

Interior Tip: When tryingpaper craft ideas for wall decoration, go for abstract natural forms rather than the actual profiles.


4.Party Decor


If you are looking for temporary ideas for wall decoration at home, this one is perfect for you! LED lights and floral curtains top the list of party décor ideas.

Things as small as Colour paper wall decoration like flower bouquets etc. add the tinge of dazzle without being heavy on your budget. Birthday wall decoration in particular, look with personal touches from paper-made goodies. Bring a Colour riot with bright props and party lights.

Interior Tip: Choose your lighting wisely. Go for warm accents on a dim setting to bring the celebration vibe.




If you adore the beauty hidden in the pieces of art, this idea is best suited for you. Artworks for living room wallsmake a great impact on the guests with a grand appeal.

Large wall art ideas for wall decoration in general, have an upper hand on the overall theme of the interiors, especially in the minimal homes. While choosing small artworks, play with their theme, alignment and rhythm.

You can also dedicate an entire wall for a rich show of art.

Interior Tip: Try unique innovative ideas for wall decoration art ideas like mixed media works that reflect your space’s persona.

Tried an idea from our list? Share it with us!

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