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//How to make a Small Modular Kitchen feel Bigger

How to make a Small Modular Kitchen feel Bigger

Most metropolitan cities are packed with a million homes, with a million dreams locked in them. To accommodate all of these dreams, the cityscape has given rise to smaller apartments and condos that throw a different perspective on the concept of a home—as something that is more practical and meaningful. But did you know that a few architectural tricks can make these small homes feel bigger? Everything from a small modular kitchen to the living, can look and feel bigger, with a little bit of smartness and a whole lot of illusion play.
Know how you can maximise your small modular kitchen and draw the best value out of your kitchen interior.

Choose a light-hued colour palette 

Dark colours can leave a great first impression, but they are the last thing a small modular kitchen needs. Including more of light colours helps the walls of the kitchen reflect more light than usual, thereby creating a well-lit space from end to end. You can go for the neutrals in beige or white, or bring a flavour with subtle hints of colors like pista green, powder blue, blush pink, lilac, sage and more that come from the pastel palettes—one of the most preferred colour themes in modern interior design. If you have a colourful living room, tone down the kitchen and rest of the interior with dull shades like taupe etc. to give a slow gradient.
What’s trending: All-white kitchens with exotic fittings in gold or copper shades are ruling the kitchen interior trends and are believed to stay trending for a long time.

What’s trending:  Seamless chimney range hood paired with a textured backsplash and sleek cabinetry brings the best of small modular kitchen without compromising on aesthetics.

Keep the window side free from cabinets  

Cabinetry holds all of the space together, no matter how large or small modular kitchen is. It ties every element of the kitchen interior such that they express the requirements of the space under a common theme. Although it is of immense importance, it can be a problem if overdone, especially in a small modular kitchen. Most home designers advise a no-cabinet space around the window so that there is ample room for sunlight to brighten up the space. You can introduce a clean wall with a window opening up to the outdoors, to balance out the packed look of the rest of the furnished space whilst extending the view beyond the walls 

Introduce minimal yet smart furnishings 

Nothing bedecks a kitchen better than the style of its furnishings. While their look makes the first impression, their textures and materials take it deeper into creating illusions in a challenging space like a small modular kitchen. Here, it is essential to remember that less is more—the famous quote on the minimalism style. Bring back the rules of the modern interior design and include minimal elements like seamless cabinets with concealed handles, floating shelves free from brackets, sleek faucets and other fittings, among many other options especially curated for the small modular kitchens of today. You can also make things smarter with design concepts like carousel corners, multi-tiered pullouts etc. that make the best use of a small modular kitchen.

What’s trending: Concealed furnishings and built-in appliances have already made it to the top interior trends 2022 by giving a neat, continuous profile to the kitchen, saving it from all the clutter.

Use more of sleek, reflective materials 

Slim, sheer and shining is the golden rule in creating the illusion of a larger space. Choose a sleek and slim look in everything from the finishes till the hardware. Make the best out of the uber chic materials like stainless steel for the fittings and appliances, lacquered glass or acrylic finishes for the cabinetry, marble or quartz for the countertops, among several other high-end materials that play with visual intensity, continuity and reflection to blow up the space available in a small modular kitchen.

What’s trending: See-through glass cabinets, glossy laminates and chrome details have established themselves as the most favourite picks of a home designer working on kitchen interior projects of every budget.

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