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home interior designers in chennai

Have you ever stumbled upon a home interior on Instagram and thought if your home can look like it? Come on, we all have! If you look closer, most of these home inspirations attract us with the colours and the design trends of 2022 are only proving this right. The colourful interiors are back in the interior design trends with their burst of energy and character—why don’t you give it a try with a colourful living room?

You can explore a lot of styles under colourful living room designs like:

Art déco interior design
Scandinavian interior design
Minimalist interior design and more!
Spend 5 minutes here and learn how:

Make a statement with the artworks

Having a colourful living room doesn’t always mean that colours need to be everywhere. It can be as simple as a colourful artwork that takes the centre stage in your living room. Trust us, a good piece of art is enough to get your guests talking! Just go for a piece that reflects your character—you can make it classic with a Picasso art or go for the modern expressionist ones. You can also group them as a collection on a gallery wall or as a part of a shelf to make it look like the best interior design ideas for living room!

best home interiors in chennai

Signal a surprise with quirky furniture

Did you know? A colourful living room is almost like a wonderland, only that it feels more real! Some of the top designers in India suggest that such a feeling can be evoked by quirky furniture that looks playful and completely vogue! Try customising the furniture according to your living room interior design—feel free to add candy-toned chairs, colourblock seaters, asymmetric sidetables and every other uncommon piece of furniture you can find, to give a surprise to anyone who sees it!

house interior design

Go all in for handcrafted textiles

There’s no better way to add colours to hall interior design than bringing some vibrant textiles! Give it a boho touch with handcrafted fabrics that come in a number of shades unseen in the factory-made ones. Don’t stick to the patterns alone—mix them with solids or try giving a gradient with hand-dyed ones that will bring in a lot of flavour. Come up with your own style by adopting unique handicrafts—embroidered pillow covers, patchwork quilts, hand-knotted carpets, handloom curtains, macrame tapestries, tasselled dreamcatchers and more can do magic in a colourful living room.

best home interiors in chennai

Come out bold with neon lighting

When interior designers talk about colours, we don’t always refer to the ones in the colour wheel—it can also mean a bold neon that is bold enough to spark a vibe in a colourful living room. Bring it on with some customised lights or nameplates that can go as innovative wall decorations. You can also hang it as a quote on your garden wall and brighten up the dull greens. If you are a true millennial who loves a daring dash of colours, plan iconographic light installations with projection lighting or similar. You can also keep it clean as a minimal, contemporary interior design with back-lit mirrors, dim-lit floor lamps etc. that create an understatement.

house interior design

Create a vibe with tasteful accents

The elements accentuated in a living room décor have a major role to play in creating the mood of the space. Small yet significant hints of colours, in a showpiece here and a light fixture there is everything you’ll need in a colourful living room of the modern age. Minimalism lovers can embrace this with smaller interior accessories like tableware, lamps, photo frames, planter boxes and even smaller furniture pairs like ottoman’s and pouffe. You can also bring an extravagant vibe with tinted glass mirrors, mosaic vases, mixed-media murals and more!

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