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//Best 6 roof garden ideas for your new home

Best 6 roof garden ideas for your new home

Homes with gardens are everyone’s favorite. The blossoms and the spruced greenery are more than enough to add to the aesthetics of a newly built home that is yet to be set up. Rooftop garden ideas for such spaces works the best since it needs very little effort compared to mainstream gardening. The roof gardens can fit into almost any part of a metropolitan home and heighten the aesthetic factor. They also prove to be economical and easy on maintenance.

Are you ready to jot down the roof garden ideas?

Your neighbours might have already started implementing these, so hurry and get started to join the green communities!


1. Terrace rooftop garden ideas for the independent houses Teracotta pots, metal planters and more

The independent houses of today enjoy a seamless terrace space that is a perfect choice for terrace gardening. Line up some terracotta pots along with the corners and bring in some outdoor furniture that would blend with the earthen concept in these rooftop garden ideas. Try some contemporary metal planters for the flowering plants to create an aesthetic scene. Don’t forget to set up a storeroom nearby!


2.Balcony garden ideas for the uber apartments Hang-on planter boxes, decking and more

The apartments and gated communities of today enjoy beautiful views along with chic balconies that are a perfect choice for balcony gardening. Hang some planter boxes along the railings of your balcony and bring in some cosy semi-outdoor furniture that would blend with the contemporary concept in these rooftop garden ideas. Get your decking right so that the planters stay good for growth and maintenance simultaneously. Don’t go overboard with plants! Stay minimal.


3. Kitchen garden ideas for the naturophilic houses In-ground gardens raised beds and more

The nature-loving houses of today make room for green pockets that are a perfect choice for kitchen gardening. Pick your favourite plant species and dedicate a part of the ground to go all green in these rooftop garden ideas. Raise the soil beds as suitable for the species and keep an eye on the watering cycles. You can also try window garden ideas for small spices or other cooking ingredients. Don’t forget to leave ample circulation space! Keep the plants along an accessible zone.


4. Indoor garden ideas for the courtyard spaces Zen gardens, ceramic pottery and more

The courtyard houses of today enjoy an open to skyspace that is a perfect choice for indoor gardening. Pick up a landscape design concept or line up some ceramic pots in a pattern that would blend these rooftop garden ideas with the interior concepts. Try dry landscaping like zen gardens if you prefer low maintenance yet a therapeutic concept. You can also stick to small ceramic planters that add value to the overall appeal of the home. Don’t forget about the insects! Get a proper pesticide to implement these indoor ideas.


5. Vegetable roof garden ideas for sustainable homes Container gardens, growth bags and more

The sustainable houses of today enjoy a sunroom or any other dedicated space for gardens that are a perfect choice for vegetable gardening. Experiment with the designs in the planters and bring in some semi-indoor furniture that would blend with the green concept in these rooftop garden ideas. Try some aromatic herbs along with the vegetables of your choice to make the best use of this enclosed space. Don’t forget the growth bags that help your seeds grow! Plan your space accordingly.


6. Vertical garden ideas for the villas Green walls, trellises and more

The villas of today enjoy seamless wall space that is a perfect choice for vertical gardening. Make way for some linear planter boxes that can be fixed to the wall or bring in some creepers that would blend with the plant-loving concept in these rooftop garden ideas. You can also dedicate an entire wall for the green walls or stick to the pergolas or trellises to hang on some creepers. Don’t forget to plan the irrigation! Try drip irrigation techniques that work best on these creative garden ideas.


Are you ready to experiment with these rooftop garden ideas?

Comment below the ideas that you have implemented and tag us the photos on instagram.

Get started now! Keep visiting the Tint Tone and Shade blog for more ideas.

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