1. Why Tint Tone and Shade?

Tint Tone and Shade is the ultimate choice of every person looking for professional Interior design and Architecture to make their space, a work of art! Finest designers and service teams come together in bringing you a curated design beautified by a thoughtful selection of décor from the choicest brands, coupled with hassle-free installation, which make your dream space’s design easier than ever.

2. How is Tint Tone and Shade unlike other designers / contractors?

Tint Tone and Shade introduces you to digital designing experiences through advanced tech solutions design just for you. We save you the struggle of checking the credibility of services as in the contractors and introduce you to the freedom of choice in furniture, colors, décor and every other detail of your dream space, unlike many other designers out there. We make this possible with a team of expert designers, proficient installation teams, range of designer-made décor and branded fixtures which come with value-adding warranties.

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3. Where is Tint Tone and Shade office located?
Tint Tone and Shade has its head office at Chennai OMR and is soon to be branching to the rest of the country.
4. What are the types of buildings designed by you?

Tint Tone and Shade has hands-on-experience in architectural/interior design of both residential and commercial spaces. Your home, office or store outlet can get its best look with us.

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5. What do you mean by full design?

By full design, we consider the design scope of all spaces in your project. E.g. Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, along with guest rooms or any other unique requirement in case of a home; Lounge, Cabins or any other design-based requirements in case of workplaces etc

7. I don’t live in India. Can you design my home/office here?

Yes. We have a dedicated team for customer support who can always get in touch with you via e-mails or phone calls, while getting your project done here. In addition, our well-designed online platform helps you track your project and stay constantly updated.

8. Who will be in-charge of my project?

Tint Tone and Shade has a team of experts in Architecture and Interior design who will travel with you from the start till the end of your project. You will be introduced to a person chosen from the team, exclusively for your project, who will be your point of contact.

9. Who designs my space?

Tint Tone and Shade has a strong team of the most eminent Architects and Interior Designers whose expertise is par excellence. They are the best one could find across the place because of their unique sense of design and thoughtful consideration of client requirements in bringing a design that stands out.

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10. Will I be able to choose my designer?

Before the commencement of the project, we will thoroughly assess the unique requirements & design scope and connect you with a member of our team who will best suit the skill level required. If you still insist on making your choice, we are always open. However, we strongly recommend you to believe in our choice and see the experience for yourself.

11. Do you undertake civil works?

Tint Tone and Shade is a team of Architects and Interior Designers who are masters of civil works and services themselves. Our team is known for the successful turnkey solutions offered, which includes the civil works by our reliable service partners. To discuss the detailed design scope, we suggest you to get in touch with our team.

12. Who will undertake the installation works?

The installation work for your project will be in the hands of our reliable service partners, who are handpicked by us through a thorough assessment of their quality in service, adherence to timelines, genuineness in pricing, excellence in craftsmanship and more among the TTS checklist for selection of partners.

13. Am I required to open an online account in the website?

We recommend you to create an online account in the website for you to enjoy seamless access to the project and its process from anywhere, anytime. Though not mandatory, an account helps you overcome the forthcomings of offline tracking by allowing real-time tracking, instant access to online tools etc.

14. How can I schedule my design consultation?

Leave us a message, give us a call or fill up the form here. You choose. Our team will get in touch with you soon.

15. I have submitted the form online. When will I get a call?

If you have submitted your form online, you are already a step closer to making your dream home, a reality. One of our team members will connect with you regarding this unique requirement of yours. Expect a call in 24 – 72 hours!

16. What is Tint Tone and Shade Experience Centre?

Tint Tone and Shade Experience Centre opens the door to the space you have always dreamt of. It takes you through the furniture, finishes and every other detail of your dream space, to help your see it for yourself. It recreates the “touch and feel” of a design with partition walls that you can touch and sofas that you can sit upon. You can also choose the material of your choice from our material library that is a repository of thousand of colors and textures found across the design world. Knock our doors at New no. 4, Old no. 1/14, 2nd floor, OMR, Karapakkam, Chennai 600 097.

17. When can I visit the Experience Centre?

You can visit our Experience Centre anytime between 11:00 am to 7:30 pm from Tuesday till Sunday. We are waiting to welcome you!

18. Do I need an appointment before visiting the Experience Centre?

You don’t need an appointment to visit the Experience Centre. You are welcome to explore the world of design with the choicest range of furniture, décor, material choices and more! Come visit us now.

19. Will I be able to see the materials, colors ranges or finishes prior to booking?

Yes. We are glad to take you through your possible choices in terms of materials, colors or finishes before you make your booking with us, because we want you to take an informed decision. The Experience Centre is exclusively designed to introduce you to the same, so that you could take a sneak peek of how good a space can look when designed by Tint Tone and Shade

20. How long will it take to get my home/office designed?

30 days. Yes, you heard it right.
We promise a 30-day delivery for your dream projects. However, this will be dependent on the scale of the project and the design amendments involved. Our team of experts put their best effort in keeping the time frame to a minimum, and are always open to your feedback & additional requirements that could help in making the space better. Do you want to change the color or is it your favourite designer brand product we are waiting for? We are ready to take all the necessary steps, given your support and co-operation throughout the project.

21. How long will the installation take?

Tint Tone and Shade has a history of happy clients due to the timely delivery of the project. In addition, we follow transparency in the process which is why our designers strive to keep you updated with the regular project schedules that elaborate the timelines in detail.

22. Who should I contact when I have queries?

Worry not! We have a dedicated team for customer support who will immediately connect with you in case of any queries. Call us at 95001 86854 or drop us a mail at salman@tinttoneandshade.com. Your query will be resolved at the earliest.