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Posted On July 10, 2020

The fifth wall is slowly gaining momentum in the world of interior design that was only used to the four walls + floor pattern, in the past. Although false ceiling designs have been silent in the market for a few years now, they’re ready to come back with a bang with all new patterns, finishes, technology, illusions and what not. Now that we’re all bored with the conventional whitewashed ceilings, it’s time for this new wave of innovation to revolutionise the concept of false ceiling, by making it a must-have in every new home.

But you may have some questions,

What are false ceilings?

Who is it ideal for?

Is it good for Indian homes?

What are its pros and cons? etc.

Your questions will be answered in the next 5 minutes of reading this article.


    In simple terms, a false ceiling is an apparently ‘false’ ceiling plane made of alternative materials fitted to your original ceiling, hanging right below it. It’s usually suspended by wooden or metal frames. The illusion of lower ceiling brought by it has earned it the moniker ‘dropped ceiling’. These are usually mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling. Yet, they’re highly versatile, fitting homes of every size – it’s all about design sense and a little space math.


Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum is an offspring of calcium, famous for its prevalence in the construction of lightweight ceilings. It usually comes in the form of boards that are suspended from the ceiling with iron or wooden frameworks, which are finally given a splash of your favourite colours.

Cost per sq ft.: INR 50 – INR 150

Plaster Of Paris False Ceiling

We all know POP is easy to shape and source. But, that is not the only reason why it is a common variety of false ceiling. They’re known to be pretty long-lasting and well-insulated choice of ceilings that are perfect for our varying weather conditions.

Cost per sq ft.: INR 50 – INR 150

Wooden False Ceiling

Due to our love for the natural grain and texture of wood, wooden false ceiling has found its way to become the fifth wall of many―from traditional to contemporary houses. It’s a tad on the pricier side, which is why you’ll find it more across residential projects, than on large-scale commercial projects.

Cost per sq ft.: INR 80 – INR 650

MOST LOVED CHOICES: Among the above three, Gympsum and POP ceilings are the favourites for Indian homes since they are highly customizable.


To help you evaluate which ceiling design to go for, here’s a quick look at both classic and the bang-on-trend choices:

Single-layered False Ceiling

If you’re bound to simplicity, this one is for you!

This type of ceiling is a fool-proof way to jazz up a room with a single layer of ceiling structure, without getting all worked up. Homeowners could choose to leave it white, to add dimension without necessarily overwhelming the space. However, if you’d like to go all creative, you could choose from a variety of colours, shapes, textures and lighting options to make all the eyes go upwards. This is also a great trick to distract vision from a small space or insignificant decor―so make it your space hack!

Multi-layered False Ceiling

If you’re an artsy one, this one is for you!

Layers are a great way to experiment with any medium to create a completely personalised ceiling. In larger rooms, a multi-layered ceiling becomes the focal point and creates drama with the touch of grandeur. If they are laid out touching the edges of the space volume, they are more likely to make the space look wider by revealing its expanse. Such multilayered ceilings open up new avenues for lighting, colour and shape-based experiments―so don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles!

Plus-Minus POP False Ceiling

If you’re open for experiments, this one is for you!

Constructed completely out of POP, the plus-minus ceiling design is where the elements protrude out of a regular false ceiling or, by contrast, are tucked into it. This trend revolves around space geometry―so be sure to have a close look at the existing decor plans and the amount of space you have, before playing around with this idea!

Coffered False Ceiling

If you’re a believer of old classics, this one is for you!

Coffers are sunken square or boxy panels that are flexed into a ceiling. Apart from bringing an immediate dramatic appeal into a space, this ceiling design also creates the illusion of higher ceiling height and multiple dimensions within one room. They are also great for unique lighting opportunities―so be sure to choose your luminaires wisely!

MOST LOVED CHOICES: While desi homes love the drama from Plus-Minus POP ceiling, the classier modern ones love the sleek Single-layered False Ceiling.


    While the false ceiling comes with its own set of pros and cons just like any other choice, we’ve listed our top picks that’ll help you make a decision:

Advantages of a False Ceiling #1: Great Acoustics

Who doesn’t love a good bass?

Adding a second layer to the original ceiling creates better acoustics within a room. This makes it an ideal interior design treatment for living rooms, home theatres and AV rooms where movie-watching or listening to music becomes an indulging experience.

Advantages of a False Ceiling #2: Hides Wires

Who likes the Red-Blue-Black wires interfering a beautiful ceiling design? No one.

So, if you’ve got a mess of wires on your ceiling or along the walls, a false ceiling is a perfect cover up. A false ceiling can also be fitted with sunken or hidden lighting, to hide those wires selectively, at the right places. Additionally, it takes care of illumination without the need for additional fixtures and wiring.

Advantages of a False Ceiling #3: Brings Lofty Ceilings Lower

Who would want their home to heighten acrophobia? None, again.

Homeowners having to deal with lofty vertical spaces often worry that it dwarfs the furniture in the room. False ceilings come to the rescue at such instances, to restore proportions. This purely cosmetic change allows you to alter the look of the space without laying your hand on the structure.

Advantages of a False Ceiling #4: Insulates the Room

Who wouldn’t want some coziness?

For homes in colder regions of the country, false ceilings offer an added perk of insulation. The additional layer creates a gap between itself and the original layer, which traps air, creates a vacuum and maintains the room temperature. It also optimises the functioning of air conditioners and slashes energy bills as it reduces the space volume requiring cool air.

Disadvantages of a False Ceiling #1: Installation Requires Precision from Experts

Installing a false ceiling is a far cry from being a DIY project, despite the common materials used. It requires precision in design, calculation and installation and most importantly―the guidance from experts. Depending on the shape and design details of your ceiling, you may also need advice on additional support and wiring.

Disadvantages of a False Ceiling #2: Not Feasible for Rooms with Low-Ceilings

False ceilings need to be placed at a minimum of 8 inches distance from the original wall. Although, it is always recommended that the ceiling height must be 11 feet or higher. For compact homes, this could be a drawback, since heavy work on the ceiling could make the space look cramped. However, owners of small homes could opt for a partial ceiling along the corners of the room. They could also choose to extend a wall or TV console to the ceiling for added dimension.


    There’s really no limit as to where you could install a false ceiling in your home. For your guidance,
    here’s a sneak peek into the popular options:

False Ceiling Location #1: The Living Room

The first impression is the best impression that’s why

False ceilings in living rooms make way for a grand entrance and instantly hints the amount of vertical
space available, making the room look larger than it is.

False Ceiling Location #2: The Bedroom

Good designs are often relaxing, that’s why.

A false ceiling over a bed, or running along the vertical length between floor and the wall, is a striking way to add drama to the room without compromising on the comfort and coziness of a bedroom.

False Ceiling Location #3: The Kid’s Room

Playfulness is in what you see, that’s why.

Instead of playing it safe with pinks and blues, try a mix of colours and throw it up in the form of a ceiling. This keeps the room child-friendly and free from potentially harmful decor and furniture.

False Ceiling Location #4: The Kitchen

The temperature in the kitchen is tricky – that’s why

A false ceiling in a kitchen is a sure way to add style in the home’s aura. It converts a task-oriented space into the one that scores points for an offbeat design. Amidst being fancy, it provides additional lighting without using up the wall or countertop space.


Adding a false ceiling to an existing or new interior design plan makes the space alive. It creates a cozyambience all around the space and earns brownie points for supporting lower energy bills! So why wait?

Explore a range of beautiful ceilings now!

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