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//6 Vaastu Tips for Bedroom design to Boost Positive Energy

6 Vaastu Tips for Bedroom design to Boost Positive Energy

Here the 6 Vaastu tips literally depicted as the science of architecture. Incorporation of few elements can bring in complete transformations into the mental wellbeing of the occupant and also ameliorate the mien of the specific space.

Bedroom design is predominantly the space where your tough brain and weary body hits its pause button to rejuvenate itself. And there is this one basic parameter that comes into play while redefining the most ideal space of the whole residence: Ambience with respect to functionality. And this most concerned factor is indirectly etched with Vaastu that possibly enhances and levitates the design and aura of the space. Few major incorporations of vaastu proliferates positive energy throughout the residence.


Basic bedroom alignments:

Master Bedroom – Always the best possible orientation for a master bedroom would be the south-west. The breadwinners of the household should make it a mandatory to reside in this particular space to yield extended benefits.

Guest bedroom – East facing rooms can be the best option for this category of occupants.

Kids bedroom – West facing rooms enhance the ambience and their mental wellbeing to greater extend.

Study room – South east corner of the block/residence can be allocated for engaging in activities like studying and working.


Now that we’ve got through the fundamental Vaastu shastra, what exactly could shape up as vaastu tips for bedroom? Let’s rummage through the specific factors mainly the furniture alignments that will be the pivotal features of Vaastu.


Direction of master bedroom:

The highly preferred orientation or placement of a master bedroom is the south west corner of the home. The north east corner is not taken into consideration for placement of a master bedroom as it is meant for puja rooms and it is auspicious for idol and worship technically referred to as the Esanya corner.

The South east corner is “Agni” which is the preferred position for kitchen and placement of master

Bedrooms in that space would lead to misunderstandings and disputes between couples. Regarding the door placement, they can be placed in north, west and east walls.


Bed position in Bedroom as per Vaastu:

It’s highly preferable to align the bed facing the east/ west. The bed should never be placed in such a way that we are bound to sleep with head on north. Doing so might lead to disturbed sleep and also affects longevity of life.

Normal, regular shapes of beds are preferable alongside the fact that there shouldn’t be any beam running across the bed above.


Wardrobe alignment:

Vaastu with design and functionality makes a house to home and well we know how exactly they make sense in our life. And the furniture placement makes the key difference and adds depth to terminology “Vaastu”.

All of us add more weightage to this piece of furniture because well storage is really important. Where else can we stock our never-ending required stuffs then? So, the best place to deck your wardrobe can be on the south or west or either the south west corner of the master bedroom and ensure to place your locker/safe on the south-west since this is the kubera corner which is really auspicious to store money and valuables.


Wardrobes with mirrors:

Why waste a space separately for dressing table when I can obviously fit a mirror into my wardrobe? Well it’s indispensable to design spaces and furniture with maximized utilization of them in mind. In that case, when Vaastu comes into light it puts forth this statement that “mirrors fitted on

Wardrobes can reflect negative energy”.

So, what if the situation is such that the size of master bedroom is not suffice to accommodate any other furniture like a dressing table?


The answers are here:

In such unavoidable conditions, we can fix a mirror into the wardrobe and that which we need to

Ensure would be that the mirror shouldn’t face the bed such that one reflects the sleeping person. This can be highly inauspicious that can bring in perturbed sleep and brings in bad luck for the person using the room. Also ensure that there aren’t mirrors placed opposite to each other as they contagiously spread negative energy in the room.


Direction for guest bedroom:

The most suitable direction for a guest bedroom would be North-west. Around sometimes we may consider to ignore Vaastu just because it’s a space where our visitors might probably stay for a brief time period. Even though few skeptical about the fact if Vaastu really needs to be imbibed in these spaces.

The unwritten truth is that every part of the room has specific energy that reverberates throughout the residence. Just because the room accommodates guests, any negative energy that gets generated in this space will be reflected in such a way that it affects the mental and wellbeing of the family drastically.

Make sure to place the bed with head facing south and ensuring no specific beams that cross overhead, aligning the TV placement to south east wall would complete the room’s Vaastu.

Following these small Vaastu tips in your home will eliminate all the problems. Incorporating these into our bedroom interiors and home in general will create peace, happiness and upsurge in the standard of living in family.

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