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//Top 7 Bedroom interior design ideas that are never out of style

Top 7 Bedroom interior design ideas that are never out of style

Contemporary trends in interior designing have changed the way we look at a room. New patterns of use are being discovered for the everyday spaces and it is not just about aesthetics anymore. Although these new styles are tempting to be included in our homes, their relevance at a few years from now, remains a question. On such a practical note, timeless styles are preferred the most, especially in personal spaces like bedrooms. Including timeless design elements can make your bed room interior design look as fresh as new at any point of time—both in terms of style and function. It is the only style that suits a master bedroom designer and a small bedroom designer at the same time—bringing design options for every budget. 


Bedroom interior design Chennai Tint tone and Shade

Take notes from the best interior designers and create a timeless style in your bedroom interior design with these ideas: 

1. Calming colour palettes leaving a good mood 


Bedroom interior design Chennai Tint tone and shade

In bedrooms, before the room design paint comes—the colours that bring a positive mood can be chosen as the colour theme that binds different design elements together. You can try earthen shades of sage green, terracotta red and taupe to mimic the colours of nature that are soft on the eyes. Try adding a minimal charm with muted tones such as neutral browns and whites and give a harmonious balance to any assorted choice of colours. These picks will create a subtle, laid-back bedroom interior design over which furniture or décor of any style can stand out. 

Best room design paint options: Neatly plastered surfaces or natural stone dados 

2. Oversized beds with solid, fuss-free bedding 


Bedroom Interior Design Chennai Tint tone and Shade

Beds are the focus of any bedroom, which is why their look is the most thought about. Creating a timeless style with this comes to a rather simple bedroom interior design. You can keep the bed frames free from antique engravings or vintage canopies and go for a classic wooden platform bed with clean-lined frames and pristine polishes. You are free to choose the oversized king beds that have always been everyone’s choice of comfort. Give a dash of contrast to the bedding, with nothing but colours—try solid linen with subtle textures that add a character to the space. Downsize the throw pillows to just one or two and redirect the focus to the rest of the room. 

Best bed linen options: Free-flowing satin sheets or fitted cotton covers 

3. Upholstered headboards along the feature walls 


Bedroom interior Design Chennai Tint tone and Shade

The interior wall design of any bedroom is sure to make a statement—and so does the headboard design. Having a neutral yet elegant headboard is important to create a stylistic atmosphere here. They can be anything from the diamond tufted headboard loved by all, across time, to a neat channel upholstery that gives a seamless look ideal for modern interiors. Line them along the feature wall as an added statement and make your bedroom interior design open to new creative experiments. 

Best headboard upholstery options: Standout velvet fabrics or subdued linen upholstery

4. Plush rugs as comforting, bedside runners 


Bedroom interior design chennai tint tone and Shade

Rugs are more than an element of interior decoration in a bedroom interior design. Their offer comfort and give a spruced look to the entire space. That being said, bedroom rugs are unlike the living room ones woven with jute or bamboo—they can be made out of fur, cotton, chenille or any other plush fabric. These are ideal for relaxing the feet which is why there are preferred near the foot of the bed. Since the call for comfort in a bedroom doesn’t cease, the rugs will always be on the top of the trends. 

Best runner options: Practical rectangular runners or aesthetically off-centred circular runners

5. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes taking the eye up


The impact of the wardrobe design inside a bedroom is far-reaching since it takes up a major share of the space. It can be taken over the top with a wall-mounted wardrobe that runs all across the wall, leaving no room for negative spaces. This not only gives a practical storage option but also enhances the room’s verticality with an uninterrupted, continuous finishing. You can also add mirrors to their doors and enhance the sense of height whilst giving the illusion of a larger and brighter space. The floor-to-ceiling design creates a concealed look that can accommodate the elements from n number of styles. 

Best wardrobe finish options: Solid wood textures or seamless panelled finishes 

6. A striking vanity setup reflecting self-love


Bedroom interior design


A vanity dresser is an essential part of both old and new bedroom designing trends. Make it strike a statement with a central mirror with vases and figurines lining its sides. Choose floor-mounted consoles over floating shelves to create an adaptive style that flows with that of the other parts of bedroom. Include fine upholstery with square stools or ottomans that fit into the legroom of the table and confine all of the vanity to a single focal point—like a niche in the wall. Such setups give a chance for interior designers to explore the feminine side of bedroom interior design and create a more inclusive space that fuses both vanity and sophistication. 

Best dresser decoration options: Sleek, cove LEDs or classic wall sconces 

7. Fresh blossoms as sweet-smelling table accents


Bedroom interior design


The art of bedroom interior design is rooted in its mood. It is almost essential for a bedroom to touch upon the senses with its design and details. This is where table accents come into play. Florals can come to add the aroma factor in the form of small yet meaningful accents like vases, potpourri or scented candles. A refreshing mood can also come from the houseplants or succulents in ceramic planters, jute baskets or a more extravagant terrarium setup, depending on the interior style you’re focusing on. Have them overlooking the window and feel the breeze alter the entire ambience of your bedroom.  

Try these timeless style additions in your home and let us know how it worked out for you. 

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