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best interior designers in chennai | Tint tone shade

Wall decoration is the most interesting and sensitive part of a home’s design. Since the walls fall in the eye level of the onlookers, its design can have a big impact on them. Here are the below Do’s and Don’ts for wall decoration that helps to find your exact ideas.

A skillfully decorated wall can leave an alluring effect on the interiors without being too heavy on your budget. You can also make your style statement by shedding light on just one main wall in the home. So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to find your way through the unique wall art ideas and some creative wall stickers. Change the personality of your space with wall decoration ideas at home.

best interior designers in chennai | Tint tone shade

Do’s and Don’ts for Wall decoration

1. Choose the right medium for wall decoration painting

Wall painting needs a lot of care and expertise in the making. The staying power of the paint and the coherence to the overall theme of the space is quintessential. Satin finishes are the yesteryear trends that still give a great look with an easy-to-clean surface. High-gloss and semi-gloss finishes are more on the maintenance side while matte finishes are on the aesthetic side. Pick your choice!

Trend alert: Textured matte is ruling the trends. Experiment with new rustic styles with concrete or stone-like finishes.

best interior designers in chennai | Tint tone shade

2. Avoid realism with the wall design stickers

When choosing wall stickers, never go for the ones that recreate a scenery or a real image. The look might have an artificial appeal. Instead, try abstract patterns or sketchy lines that stay true to their originality. Although, you can recreate the patterns as in terrazzo wall decals that mimic the realistic patterns in a scaled-up version.

Trend alert: Material replicas like mirror-alike acrylic wall stickers are the talk of the town.3.

best interior designers in chennai | Tint tone shade

3. Try contemporary or fusion artwork for living room walls

Living rooms are conversation starters, which can have an enhanced aura with interesting pieces of art. Having a fusion artwork can create the perfect scene for such conversations. Good artistry evident in these pieces can add great pride to space and its owner. Add eccentricity to your space with contemporary work from a famous artist!

Trend alert: Mixed media works with metal and wood are marking the fusion styles in an Indian way.

best interior designers in chennai | Tint tone shade

4. Go for a removable birthday wall decoration

Birthday wall decoration is the door to creating a special vibe on a special day. But hosting such one-day events needs a lot of care, taking into account the permanent effects it can have on your space. Avoid using adhesive decorations on the wall since it damages the coating. Have a large board as a backdrop or stick to hangable decorations, floating balloons etc.

Trend alert: LED light curtains are the most preferred for parties. The exposure has it all.

5. Don’t try Colour paper wall decoration on external walls

Papercraft Ideas for wall decoration are everyone’s favorite. But when it is done on the external wall, it may be prone to dust, moisture and other atmospheric effects. So, plan your decorations accordingly and go more towards natural elements while moving towards the outermost areas of your home.

Trend alert: Metal planters or terracotta wall murals are frequenting the entrances of modern homes.

Now that you’ve read the DOs and DON’Ts, it’s time to try them with some wall decoration work!

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